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Fuhr Thoughts — The Cup comes West

Will the Green Riders get their revenge?

Or will the Alouettes from Montreal once again have the last laugh?

What we do know is those boys from Regina had better stay after school this week for a little help in math class if they want to raise the Grey Cup in celebration Sunday in Edmonton.

All season long the Saskatchewan players have dodged the revenge and 13th man questions. The Rider players have asked the media stay away from how much the team wants to get back to right the wrong from a year ago when Saskatchewan was caught with too many players on the field.

The result allowed Damon Duval a second chance at the game-winning field goal, which he made to give the Als the Grey Cup.

So who will win the big game come Sunday?

Anyone, including most local media folk, west of the potash province is sticking with the Green Riders.

And here are there reasons why:

Kevin Mitchell, Vernon Morning Star Sports Editor.

The Riders, with former greats George Reed, Ron Lancaster and Roger Aldag on the sidelines, assuming they are all still alive, will kick a field goal, with one second left, and just 11 men on the field, and win the 98th Grey Cup 34-33.

The holder forgets his assignment, but a back-up linebacker scampers on to the field just in time and makes a splendid one-finger hold.

Chad Hansen, The Morning Run from The Bridge in Nelson

The Riders will rise from the ashes of their mathematical misfortunes of last year and win this year’s Grey Cup 35-28. (Quarterback Darion) Durrant is going to find his “A” game along with his talented receiving core all game long.

Wes Cates will also move the ball on the ground keeping the Alouettes defence on their heels. But you’re not going to keep a team led by (Anthony) Calvillo off the scoreboard. It’s going to be a game for the ages.

It'll all come down to who wants it more, and after last year it had better be the Riders or it’s going to be a long combine ride back to Sask!
Tim Schafer, Editor The Nelson Daily

Blood is thicker than water and green is thicker than anything else.

Based on my third generation Saskatchewanian passport, my blood tells me to go with the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

However, even though I was genetically programmed by the water of Saskatoon to root for the Green and White, my head also tells me to go with the 'Riders. They seem to be a hungrier and scrappier team of late, gelling at the right moment.

(Quarterback Darian) Durant and (Wes) Cates on the ground, (Jason) Clermont, (Chris) Getzlaf, (Andy) Fantuz, (Carey) Koch and (Weston) Dressler fighting for the frozen pigskin in the air, and a Chinese fire drill for a defensive scheme should seal a win (again) for the Green Machine over the Montreal Alouettes.

Bruce Fuhr, Sports Editor The Nelson Daily

Usually when there’s a Grey Cup game held in Edmonton, the weather, and not the teams, is the biggest story.

Not this year as the forecast is for scattered flurries and light winds with a temperature near minus 8 when play kicks off at 3:32 p.m. PST.

So look for Darian Durant and Anthony Calvillo to fire the football all over Commonwealth Stadium come Sunday.

However, in the end it will (did you really think I was going to pick the Als) Saskatchewan to come out on top 25-22, kicking the winning field goal with only 11 men on the field.