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Federation of Canadian Municipalities tour Brilliant Dam expansion

Columbia Power Corporation (Columbia Power) welcomed members of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) today at the Brilliant Dam and Expansion.

The representatives traveled from Nelson to view the many hydro facility developments along the Kootenay River and learn what’s ‘brilliant’ about Columbia Power’s facilities. 

This week, over 100 municipal leaders met at the Columbia Power sponsored FCM meeting in Nelson.

The FCM represents the interests of its 2,000 member municipalities on policy issues that are handled at the federal level and has become strategic in prioritizing the needs of municipalities and advocating on behalf of municipalities, especially on key issues like housing, infrastructure and transit.

“We were so pleased to host this group and showcase our facilities and role as a community power company,” said Audrey Repin, Director of Stakeholder Relations and Communications. “Having these dignitaries meet in the West Kootenay provides fantastic opportunities and benefits for our local communities. I would like to acknowledge the efforts Mayor Dooley and Nelson Council made to make this meeting possible.”

The Brilliant Dam, built in the 1940s and upgraded after it was purchased by Columbia Power and Columbia Basin Trust, was named one of the most reliable dams in Canada in 2006.

The Brilliant Expansion Project, which involved building a second powerhouse just downstream of the Brilliant Dam to capitalize on the water being spilled, added 120 MW of generating capacity, provided environmental benefits, injected over $44 million into the local economy through the purchase of goods and services, and provided over $50 million in wages and benefits.