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Energy improvements forthcoming in Edgewood's only 'significant' building

The Edgewood Community School will see $40,000 in energy improvements as the regional district strives to make the School District 10 building more energy efficient.

Consulting engineers identified high efficiency air to water heat transfer system as a suitable heating, ventilation and air conditioning alternative for the school.

The propane-fired radiant heat sources will be replaced, reducing propane consumption by an estimated 87.5 per cent, resulting in an annual average saving of $9,760. There will be an annual increase in BC Hydro consumption of an estimated 25 per cent, increasing electricity costs by an estimated $1,950.

The net cost benefit to the school district is estimated to be $7,800 per year, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emission totals for the site.

“Reducing the cost to heat and cool the facility will enable the school to be made available for non-school and extra curricular activities that otherwise would not occur due to the cost to maintain appropriate environmental conditions in the school,” read a regional district staff report.

As the only significant building in the community, the availability of this facility to host community programs was deemed “significant.”

The Regional District of Central Kootenay approved the disbursement of $40,000 from the Community Works Fund in the Area K community to help increase the energy efficiency of the building.

The move leaves Area K with a balance of $97,309 in their Community Works Fund.