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The Daily Dose — Zan Comerford

Fire acrobatics entertained the crowds waiting to get inside the tents at the recent Winter Kickoff Carnival & Events with their art of dance with fire. — The Nelson Daily photo

Someone who wears many hats is usually defined as multi-faceted, versatile, accomplished, eclectic and most of all diverse.

It’s fair to say that Zan Comerford fits this definition to a tee. Her star shines brightly on the many moons around her, and after recently having had an opportunity to work alongside her, The Daily Dose Editor Jeff Sawyer discovered how resourceful she was, passionate and motivated by the potential for cultural change through interactions in unconventional spaces.

The Daily Dose Editor Jeff Sawyer sat down with Comerford to find the inner workings of one of Nelson’s best-kept secrets in the inaugural installment of The Daily Dose.

Check out Zan’s full story in The Daily Dose.

Inside performers continued to impress spectators at the Winter Kickoff Carnival.