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Council puts GF Hotel's expansion plans on hold

(L-R) Councillors Gene Robert, Christine Thompson and Joy Davies at the last Grand Forks City Council meeting; Photo, Mona Mattei
City council put off a decision for a liquor licencing request for the Grand Forks Hotel’s pub at their last meeting after a neighbouring business appeared at council to complain about the proposed change.
The application from the hotel is to alter their liquor licence allowing for their patio area to accommodate 39 seats up from the existing 9 permitted. The city had written to surrounding property owners to be heard at council, and Peter Park of the Imperial Motel did just that.
Park’s complaints stemmed from existing problems which he claims will get worse if the patio expands and becomes licenced.
“This year outside the patio area is just beside my bedroom (and motel rooms). Sometimes there’s too much noise, sometimes until 2 or 3 a.m. – drinking, fighting. My customers complain – too many complaints. It’s too much," said Park,
Mayor Brian Taylor was torn by the issue as the hotel had complied with requests to encourage smokers to get off the street and move to the back of the building.
“I’m wondering if we should go back to the Grand Forks Hotel to discuss the hours of operation,” said Taylor. “We have been really happy to see the smokers off the street around the hotel. It’s disgusting with the butts and all the people outside. So we have encouraged them to do the patio – but the noise is bothering you. So we need to ask some question of the Grand Forks Hotel concerning hours of operation and the music and noise.”

Although the ultimate decision will include information gathered by the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch of the province, council decided to defer their support for the application until further consultation and discussion between the businesses can take place.