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Clean Energy Future Leaving Canada Behind

To The Editor:

According to an article in Forbes magazine, Japan’s lost nuclear output since Fukushima has been half displaced by efficiency, frugality, and renewables. Renewables provide 13% of America’s energy, 33% of Italy’s, 46% of Spain’s, 50% of Scotland’s, over 50% of Denmark’s, and 64% of Portugal’s. Germany’s fossil-fueled generation hit a 35-year low; renewables were its biggest power source.

And what is Canada doing?

Over half the world’s renewable installations and investments last year were in developing countries.  China cuts its energy intensity 4–5% a year, burning less total coal. China added more solar capacity in 2013 than the U.S. added since inventing it 61 years ago. India did the same for the past two years, has quadrupled its renewable targets, and aims to build a world-class solar industry.

National policy in Canada usually undercuts renewables, despite contrary rhetoric. As much of the world moves forward to a sustainable future, why is Canada lagging?  

Vote climate.

Dona Grace-Campbell
Kaslo, BC