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Civic Theatre Society Zombie walk fills Baker Street with — Zombies

These Zombies were good — play music and wave at the same time.

Halloween festivities got an early start in Nelson Saturday as hundreds of zombies took to the streets for the first-ever Civic Theatre Society Zombie walk.

Traffic was snarled in the downtown core of the Heritage City Saturday afternoon as zombies marched down Baker Street from the Civic Theatre led by a New Orleans-style funeral band.

The zombie walked started from the Civic Theatre’s Vernon Street location before making its way down Baker Street to Ward Street and back to the theatre location using Victoria and Hall Streets.

Zombie walks are relatively common in large cities, especially in North America.

This week from 12:15-12:30 p.m. on Wednesday, more than a 100 students, teachers and parents from Wildflower school will take over the 400 Block of Baker Street for Michael Jackson’s Thriller Zombie performance.

The performance is a lunchtime crowd as camera phones click and videos roll to capture the performance from Wildflower, an alternative learning program of Kootenay Lake School District.

Wildflower provides a multi-age learning environment that is personalized and challenges students to achieve their best personal results.