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City’s recreation facility to get new recreation coordinator

A new position slated for the city’s recreation facility is expected to bring new revenues into the municipal and regional institution.

The Nelson and District Community Complex and the city are going to get a new recreation coordinator position for a one-year term position.

The coordinator will develop opportunities for increased revenues, the development of a Nelson and District Recreation Facilities task force and conduct a study of best practices for Nelson and district recreation facilities.

The regional district board also passed a motion to set up the task force after Marty Benson, RDCK manager of recreation, delivered a commission report on the Nelson and District Recreation Facilities Task Force (from May), and a Nelson and District Arena Strategy (from February).

Area E director Ramona Faust request that in the terms of reference the task force be identified as an advisory committee.

Resurfacing to be re-tendered

The resurfacing of the Great Northern Trail located south of the city will have to wait.

The RDCK board of directors rejected all tender submissions received for the Great Northern Trail resurfacing project because of the costs invloved.

The tenders were nearly four times more than what RDCK staff had anticipated. As a result, the tender will be reissued.

Once it is completed, the project will establish drainage for the protection of the trail surface, re-surface approximately 1,750 m of pathway. As well, the contractor will perform additional work as the budget allows.

Supporting local mills

The RDCK board is asking the province to help them in support of the local value-added wood products producers.

The board felt that value-added wood products from producers within the Kootenay region represented an important part of the local economy.

Towards that end, the continuation of those producer’s viability was dependent on the supply of fibre which is impacted by provincial policy decisions, as well as consequences of the mountain pine beetle.

“Therefore, be it resolved that the Regional District of Central Kootenay fully supports action being taken by the provincial government to incent the distribution of the existing provincial timber supply,” a board resolution read.

The board called for a comprehensive review of current raw log export policy, to optimize the use of fibre through programs such as the “Right Log to the Right Mill.”

In the resolution, the board felt it was the most appropriate and highest end use of fibre.

They asked the province to enhance other local initiatives to support value added production to ensure maximum opportunity for economic growth and to create or sustain jobs.

Opportunities for joint action

A new program aimed at bringing First Nations and local government together to discuss common goals received a boost from the UBCM.

The Union of B.C. Municipalities gave the RDCK a $2,500 Community-to-Community Forum grant to host a workshop between the regional district and members of the Lower Kootenay Band.

The program will facilitate local governments and First Nations in discussing “common goals and opportunities for joint action.”

The board will also be asking the UNCM to negotiate with the federal government on amending the Federal Gas Tax agreement to allow projects that re linked to a local government’s “integrated community sustainability plan.”

Cracking open the books

The regional district has publically released its statement of financial information (SOFI) for the year that ended December 31, 2015.

To view the regional district’s SOFI, people can visit to view the document.