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BUSINESS FEATURE: Put on your game face!

Athletes like these competing at the Christina Lake Triathalon, can benefit from Game Face Nutrition and Sports services; Photo, Mona Mattei
Attention all athletes: a new local business is ready to overhaul your training regimen. Game Face Sports Nutrition and Training can prepare your next steps toward fitness goals. Game Face is offering a tried and true program that accelerates body redevelopment by implementing changes to eating and training.
“It’s tailored for the individual athlete because not everybody is the same,” elaborates Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor (CSNA) Randy Stoochnoff. “It depends on what the athlete wants to achieve; we start out small and continue from there… After we’ve implemented the program, I give ongoing support.”
The program is truly customizable to suit both the older individual who wants to find the fountain of youth and the teenager still growing into their body. “(It’s for ages) 14 all the way to 54 or 64… But the 14 year old is not the same as a 20, 30, 40, 50-year-old,” explains Stoochnoff.
A 16-year-old person won’t need the same kind of program as an adult because they are still growing, gaining weight and strength while adults need more focus on maintaining strength and muscle they already have, Stoochnoff adds. Older individuals may need more direction about how to stay in shape, maintain flexibility and co-ordination or just be looking to slow down the aging process.
“As you get older in life, you can start to lose co-ordination, or you’re not as fit as you were before. It’s for whoever wants to maintain a fitness level, not necessarily a ‘weekend warrior,’ just somebody who wants to slow down the aging process,” Stoochnoff notes.
Game Face also offers training through the summer for students to get ready for school and winter sports such as hockey, basketball, or skiing. If a student is enrolled in training camp, Stoochnoff can get him ready and help him maintain the fitness levels achieved in the camps.
Stoochnoff really knows sport. He’s been an athlete throughout his life, is fit, and continues to be active. In addition to Game Face Sports Nutrition & Training, Stoochnoff is a scout for the Castlegar Rebels junior hockey team, identifying on-ice individuals who might take the next step.
If you consider his consulting, initial client interviews will typically take place in an office at Grand Forks & District Recreation, or a more accessible location for the client. From the Okanagan, throughout Boundary Country and into the Kootenays, Stoochnoff stresses customer satisfaction and has served several satisfied clients. 
“Any athlete and any sport, whatever their desires and interests are,” says Stoochnoff. The nutrition and fitness program costs $100 with continuous ongoing support included in that flat fee. For students who might have trouble affording the $100, accommodations can be made.
Contact information for Randy Stoochnoff, CSNA is email: and over the telephone at: 250-442-3510.
‘Always Be Ready To Play and Show Your Game Face’

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