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Bone tool and working with leather

Saturday, Nov 27, 9 a.m. at Michael Smith's farm (directions below)

By Chris Morasky, Pathways School

Our ancestors made many tools from bones, and more projectile points were probably made from bone than stone.

Bone is a beautiful material to work with and lends itself well to functional and artistic expression.

In this workshop, people will make an awl, two kinds of fishhooks and a cutting edge or arrow point.  

People will use one of the bone fishhooks later in the winter when they go ice fishing at Erie Lake.  

People will also learn about sinews and hock bags and marrow. This will be an incredible experience to explore one of the key materials that has guided the evolution of our species.

Working with leather
People will spend the day learning the essentials of leatherwork and leather weaving.

We will show you how to lay out your project on a hide for the best result, plus you can try out different stitches for function and fashion.  

We will show you how to make a drum beater (drum making class is coming up in December) and assist you in whatever other projects you have in mind.  

There will be an equipment fee proportional to your chosen project.

For those not participating in Full Circle this will cost $65 plus cost of leather (probably $5-15).
Please bring a potluck item to share for lunch.

Please send an email to confirming your attendance.

To get to Michael's place from Nelson, go across the orange bridge to the North Shore and head towards Kaslo.  

At about seven kilometres from the orange bridge, you will pass Boyer Road on your left. Just past Boyer is Michael's road, but there is no road sign.  

Just past Michael's road is Gilmor Road. It's easy to turn around at Gilmor Road, then go back to Michael's road.

It looks like a driveway and is a narrow dirt road.  Drive up to the meadow and Michael's house and garden are on the left.