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Beauty of Nelson area to be showcased on outdoor television show, Dimestore Fishermen

Reel Adventures Kerry Reed nets this fish from the line of Cal Jarvis as Jim Hoey watches. — photo courtey Reel Adventures

The 1987 motion picture Roxanne put Nelson on the map as a big-screen story — based on the play Cyrano de Bergerac — showcasing Heritage City scenery to moviegoers across North America.

In the coming months, the uniquely Canadian outdoor television show, Dimestore Fishermen, promises to do the same.

“(Jim Hoey and) the crew were very impressed with what they saw and they were definitely treated to an amazing experience,” said Kerry Reed, owner/operator of Reel Adventures Fishing Charter in Nelson, who began courting Hoey in March.

“I think we highlighted our community in a very positive way and it will reflect in the final product of the TV episode.”

For those keeping score at home, Dimestore Fishermen is an outdoor fishing TV show that focuses on more than just fishing.

Show creator Jim Hoey brought his team to the Heritage City on the invitation of Reed to bring to the rest of North America what Nelsonites have known for years.

“We try to focus on the cultural, historical and recreational aspects of communities we visit as much as the actual fishing,” Hoey, in his 12th season as host of Dimestore Fisherman, explained.

“So moving around Nelson, all of Nelson’s natural character came out. We had the opportunity to have a special guest on the water ... Mayor John Dooley is a great ambassador of this community.”

And several Nelsonites stepped up and gave the crew the character and the natural beauty of the city from people who have lived here their whole lives, added Hoey, the father of three wonderful children.

The crew fished on Kootenay Lake for four days in late October, obtaining more than enough footage of the best of what Kootenay Lake has to offer in the way of great fish.

All fish caught were released.

“This is a lake we know, by reputation, as unpredictable at the best of times from a meteorological stand point, and what the fish may or may not do on any given day,” said Hoey.

“So being able to get out there and catch fish is real spectacular, and I’m pleased the fish that we are going to catch will make the community very proud,” he added.

The next two days were spent capturing scenic shots of Nelson and area.

Hoey and crew walked the streets of Nelson learning the history of the region from local hockey historian, Bill McDonnell, along with information provided by the museum staff.

Some of the others stops included the Nelson and District Community Complex, Lakeside and Gyro parks and, finally, attractions on the North Shore, Ainsworth and the Balfour Ferry Terminal.

This is the second trip to the West Kootenay for Hoey and company. Dimestore Fisherman filmed a show from Castlegar, fishing on the Columbia River.

“We also got to interact with people on the street,” Hoey said. “There were people coming up to us on the street telling us they were glad we’re here and thanks for coming.”

Hoey, 39, said the Nelson episode most likely will go to air in the New Year.

However, he did not rule out having a special screening in Nelson before the show hits the small screen.

The Dimestore Fisherman can be seen on Shaw Cable, Bell ExpressVu, Rogers Digital Cable as well as CBS Outdoor Channel, Fox Sports Net, The Sportsman Channel and ABC.

For information, check out the Dimestore Fishermen website at