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Be healthy outdoors, part two

Here is part two of Brenda Gill's advice for keeping healty. Remember: it's still summer, whatever the thermometer says!

Discourage those annoying mosquitoes and other biting insects by increasing garlic in your diet or by taking a supplement, such as  Vitamin B1 complex.  I usually have people take 1/d.  I often make up a homeopathic to minimize the reaction to bug bites.  Another useful tool we use is an natural bug spray to minimize the attraction of bugs.  The one I’ve found to be the best is the Citronella Supreme spray.  Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4  

  • Consider a probiotic such as Acidophilus/Bifidus to stave off a possible parasite problem when travelling elsewhere or spending time in the mountains or camping.
  • Vitamin E, aloe vera gel and calendula cream help heal sunburns. 
  • B complex with higher amounts of B6 will help heal tendonitis in the elbow, wrist and other problematic areas, as well as resultant numbness and tingling.
  • Any type of muscle damage such as bruising or impact injuries heal much more quickly with homeopathic Arnica montana.  Taking it as quickly as possible increases the speed of healing.  Putting a few drops in your drinking water helps prevent muscle fatigue and soreness and speeds recovery time. 
  • Homeopathic Ledum taken under the tongue can minimize a puncture wound by a stick or a rock.
  • Any open wound should first be rinsed out with clean water to remove any dirt, then Calendula succuss or tincture applied.  It is the best tool I’ve found!  We use in the office often for any skin cut/scrape or stitches as well.  We have it in our office as a cream or tincture depending on the issue.  Calendula is not only anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral, but also helps to increase the healing process of new healthy skin tissue.  I’ve used it very successfully with stitches.  DO NOT apply salves to an open wound because this encourages bacterial growth and infection!
  • Overheating requires immediate attention with sufficient fluids, shade and possible cooling if needed.
  • Bee stings can be minimized by taking homeopathic Apis and wasp stings minimized by homeopathic Vesp
  • Sprains & strains of ankles/wrists/back/hips/knees can be helped with Traumeel.  This is a homeopathic cream when applied topically, repairs ligament/tendon/ nerve and muscle tissue.  It also reduces swelling and inflammation. 

These should give you some helpful hints for the summer!

Brenda Gill is a naturopath practising in Rossland and Nelson, BC.