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Avid gardeners open up their little pieces of heaven to the community

Cheryl Ahrens shows off her blooming beauties in her garden; Photo, Andy George
Tremendous displays of foliage and flora were exhibited to art supporters at the Gallery 2’s annual ‘Garden Tour’ fundraiser giving the supporting public a glimpse into the personal sanctuaries of local green thumbs.
The event featured nine private locations, as well as the Kettle Valley Community Garden. In total, about 100 people took part in the viewings on Saturday, Jun. 18, with some coming in from as far away as Edmonton, Alberta.
“I love participating in these tours,” was the reaction of host Marlene Nichols, “When I was asked if I’d do it this year, I jumped at the opportunity – it gave me a chance to put lots of focus back into the garden.”
Others, like Marlene and Marty Thomas, have been slowly adding to the yard for more than 20 years. Their most recent addition is the ‘Mars Maze.’ These carefully placed cedar trees create a path that, when walked, lead to numerous dead-ends and only one solution. “As long as you don’t step through the aisles,” warned Marty, before demonstrating this very offense.
All told, the rain held off for the day, and all were welcomed by bubbly hosts, eager to share their gardening passion. Approximately $1300 was raised for Gallery 2.
On the very next day - Sunday - each of the participating gardeners had a chance to take the trip as well. And to top it off, lunch was provided at Mariposa Greenhouses & Gifts.

Gallery 2 is hoping to revive this tradition after a five year break and make it once again an annual event. Anyone interested in expressing interest to host in their garden next year should call 442-2211. 

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