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Atamanenko to remain on agriculture committee

Alex Atamanenko, MP, (BC Southern Interior) says he’s pleased he will be continuing in his efforts as one of the four members of the official opposition who will sit on the Agriculture Committee.

“I know that Malcolm Allen, our Party’s new Agriculture Critic will do an outstanding job representing Canadian farmers,” stated Atamanenko. “He is counting on me to bring western farming issues to his attention and I look forward to doing just that.”

The BC MP emphasized that Jack Layton’s decision to transfer the position of Agriculture Critic has in no way diminished his ability to bring forward the initiatives he has worked on extensively since being elected in 2006.

“I will continue to push for a national food strategy and to expose the dangers of genetically modified organisms,” promised the Southern Interior MP. “The most pressing battle is to prevent the release of GM alfalfa.”

Atamanenko says that with the record number of New Democrats in the House of Commons the opportunity to shape public opinion that can force the government to adopt more inclusive policies is greater than it has ever been in the history of his Party.

“I am incredibly proud that I will be part of building on this movement over the next four years.”

Atamanenko says he has already re-introduced several of his motions from the previous parliament and as soon as his private members bills are re-certified he move on those as well.

This article is a press release from Alex Atamanenko's office.