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Ainsworth Hot Springs and area get broadband boost

A big broadband boost to the tune of $50,000 will be going out to the communities of Shutty Bench, Fletcher Falls and Ainsworth Hot Springs as the Province is providing cash to expand Internet service.

Overall, the province is providing $2.34 million to over 60 locales in rural B.C. to expand broadband Internet into B.C.’s rural communities in the effort to make B.C. “one of the most connected jurisdictions in the world.”

Since 2008, the Province has provided $6.83 million through Network BC’s Connecting Citizen’s Grant Program and funded nearly 150 connectivity projects to establish the infrastructure needed to bring high-speed Internet services to over 210 new locales in B.C. Today, 93 per cent of British Columbians have access to high-speed Internet.

With these grants, more families, businesses and individuals will soon have access to high-speed Internet services for the first time.

The provincial government is committed to creating new economic opportunities for families by expanding broadband into their communities.

Network BC works collaboratively with local community groups, all levels of government and the private sector, including small Internet service providers, to encourage and facilitate high-speed Internet connectivity.

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A list of successful Kootenay projects

  • Bayview Subdivision, Bayview Resident's Association, $35,000
  • Edgewood-Inonoaklin Valley, Edgewood Community Internet Society, $50,000
  • Hills, Red Mountain Internet Society, $50,000
  • Moyie and Greater Surrounding Areas, Cranbrook Internet Network Technologies, Inc., $50,000
  • Shutty Bench, Fletcher Falls, Ainsworth Hot Springs, Kaslo infoNet Society, $50,000
  • Sidley, A.B.C. Allen Business Communications Ltd., $50,000
  • Westbridge, A.B.C. Allen Business Communications Ltd., $50,000