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After interrupting morning smoke, man gets aggressive towards mall security

The smell of marijuana ended up in a shoving match, a fight and the eventual take down of the smoker by Chahko Mika Mall security.

On Thursday morning around 10:30 a.m. security staff at the mall noticed the smell of marijuana wafting into the mall. 

The two security personnel first looked inside the mall for the source of the smell, but eventually found their way outside the mall. Once outside they located a 27-year-old Nelson resident smoking marijuana on mall property. 

One of the security officers asked the man to leave. 

“The male became very aggressive and pushed the employee,” said Nelson Police Department Sgt. Paul Burkart. 

When the man was told by the security member not to touch him, he punched the security officer on the side of the head. 

When the officer attempted to call police, the man took the cell phone from him and threw it off the mall property. He then damaged a second cell phone belonging to the two security officers.

The two security officers, with the assistance of a civilian, took the man to the ground where they held him until police arrived. NPD officers took the man into custody. 

“The male was searched and found to be in possession of a quantity of cannabis marijuana,” said Sgt. Burkart. 

As the mall security officers were acting in the capacity of peace officers, a charge of assault a peace officer is being recommended by police. Charges of mischief under $5,000 and possession of a controlled substance are also being recommended. 

The accused was remanded in police custody and is scheduled to attend court on Oct. 11 in Nelson.

Guard rail wins battle with truck

A Nelson resident is lucky that a City crew was busy making local roads a little safer on Wednesday. 

The front wheel of his pick-up appeared to catch the edge of the ditch of an alley near the intersection of Houston and Park Streets. The vehicle slipped down the embankment and headed for a house in that location. 

As luck would as have it, City crews and local contractors had earlier that day installed a series of cement blocks and a guard rail to prevent vehicles from striking the house. 

The vehicle stopped just feet from the edge of the house. Western Towing attended the scene and pulled the vehicle off the guard rail and out of the ditch. 

There was no damage to the guard rail, but the pick-up sustained approximately $2,000 in damages. No charges were laid by police.