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Abbotsford cop killer convicted of homicide

The man who gunned down a 53-year-old, off-duty Abbotsford policeman just over two years ago was convicted today, according to IHIT spokesman Cpl. David Lee.

“On November 6, 2017, the Abbotsford Police Department responded to a report of a possible stolen vehicle. Shots were fired as police arrived on scene resulting in Const. John Davidson being fatally wounded.”

He said IHIT assumed conduct of the investigation and apprehended the then-65-year-old Arfmann.

Lee said that on November 6, 2017, Arfmann was charged with the murder of Constable John Davidson. Trial commenced in May 2019 and concluded August 2019. On October 10, 2019, Madam Justice Ross convicted Arfmann of first degree murder.

“IHIT respects that the verdict has been reached, however, the judicial process has not concluded as we are awaiting sentencing,” Lee concluded. “We will reserve our comments at this time.”