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Screening of short documentary 'Codename Project 9' at Expressions

There will be a screening the short documentary Codename Project 9 and giving a brief talk at Expressions Cafe on Monday, August 6, at 7 p.m.

The people of Trail, B.C., kept one of the biggest Canadian secrets of the Second World War. Most didn’t know it at the time but they were involved in something of world-shattering importance.

Now their secret is revealed in a new documentary film. Codename Project 9 (running time 17 minutes) breaks the wartime code of silence that had settled over the smelter

city in the early 1940s and explains how P9 played a role in the Manhattan Project in building the world’s first weapon of mass destruction.

In Codename Project 9, viewers hear workers describe the heavy water plant in Warfield near Trail. Historians explain how the P9 tower came to be under the guidance of powerful industrialist S.G. Blaylock.

We meet the nuclear scientists who developed the atomic bomb and hear Trail’s current mayor and others clarify P9’s purpose. Finally, Codename Project 9 explores the historic significance of P9 and the fight to save it from the wrecker’s ball.

See the film on Amazon to purchase the companion booklet.