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GoFundMe page set up to assist Aramaya’s journey

Mom (Shelby) and dad (Holden) Luffman are reaching out to our friends, family and extended community to ask you for prayers and financial help as they just brought forth to the world our beautiful and remarkable baby girl Aramaya Rain on the 17th of August.

After 50 hours of intense labour and unforeseen complications beautiful Aramaya finally made it out alive but was born with an extremely rare heart malformation called “transposition of the great arteries” - which means her aorta and her pulmonary artery are backwards, therefore she is unable to send oxygen to her blood and cannot oxygenate her lungs or her body.

Mom and baby were airlifted from Kootenay Lake Hospital in Nelson to the Vancouver women and children’s hospital so she could be better diagnosed and treated. After they arrived the doctors immediately performed an emergency operation to help her breathe and pump oxygenated blood to her lungs and little body. The operation was successful and helped buy us some time but essentially was only a band aid.

A few days later, on August 23rd Aramaya underwent open heart surgery to correct her heart abnormality.

The family needs financial support during this time to cover travel, food, parking, and future travel costs. It is projected that we will be in Vancouver for a total of three weeks with approximately five additional trips to Vancouver for check-ups within the following year.

There is a GoFundMe page set up to help us raise funds and the Luffman’s ask the public to baby girl Aramaya Rain in their prayers.