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Energy efficiency session at the Nelson Public Library

Home energy efficiency just got a little easier.

Nelson Hydro customers who are seniors are now eligible for free weatherization upgrades to help their homes become more energy-efficient. On Wednesday, June 3 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., seniors can drop into the Nelson Public Library to find out more and get help registering for the program with West Kootenay EcoSociety Program Manager Erin Thompson.

A partnership between the EcoSociety and Nelson Hydro’s EcoSave program, the Seniors Home Weatherization Program offers a host of upgrades aimed at energy efficiency and cost-savings. The program offers 100 free installations of basic home energy efficient products including LED light bulbs, weatherstripping, water-efficient shower heads, faucet aerators, outlet insulators, and more, as well as energy-saving advice.

“We welcome the opportunity to talk to seniors about the upgrades,” said Thompson. “This program can help them save money on their energy bills while decreasing their environmental impact. The Library is a great place to make those connections.”

In addition to the chance to connect with the program on June 3, The Library will host a special display of related books and Seniors Home Weatherization Program information from May 28 to June 8 on the main floor.

Participating seniors will also receive information on rebates they could receive for further energy-efficiency upgrades, and assistance with the process. Any Nelson Hydro customer who is over 65 years of age, or who will turn 65 in 2019 is invited to participate.

Registration and information can be also accessed online at

Photo Caption: West Kootenay EcoSociety members Bruce Lacroix and Brian d’Eon ham it up with a low-flow shower head, one of many energy-saving items available at no charge through the program. — Submitted