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Chronic Pain, Ask an Expert workshop goes Tuesday at Community First Health Co-op Wellness Centre

Pain is a problem faced by many people and unfortunately they often feel there’s nothing they can do.

However, Tuesday (November 6) Nelsonites and the surrounding communities will get a chance to have their questions answered at a special workshop at 6:30 p.m. in the Community First Health Co-op Wellness Centre, 518 Lake Street, hosted by The Arthritis Society.

The Chronic Pain, Ask an Expert workshop will be led by Dr. Joel Kailia along with Pharmacist, Mark McBride, who will provide an overview of pain management options and answer questions about various treatment approaches.

Ali Popoff, a C.H.E.K. certified personal fitness trainer, will also be available to answer questions about pain and physical activity.

“Chronic or persistent pain is a problem shared by most people with arthritis and other health conditions. For many, it is their number one concern,” said Trudy Battaglio, with The Arthritis Society.

“Unfortunately many people feel they just have to live with their pain and they let it go unmanaged, which may not only lead to an increase in pain, but may also contribute to a variety of other health problems including increased tension, stress, difficult emotions, depression and fatigue," Battaglio adds.

Finding information and resources about effective ways to reduce or eliminate pain can be challenging and that is exactly what makes this workshop so valuable.

People have the opportunity to speak directly with professionals who will answer their questions and provide them with valuable information to help them better manage their pain.

Each year, The Arthritis Society organizes a number of public forums that allow people with arthritis, their family and friends to hear presentations by arthritis experts and to share their experiences with others in the community. This is your opportunity.

To register, call toll free 1-866-414-7766. Space is limited.