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ArtSparks in Winlaw looks to heat up Cedar Creek Café

The embers of Art Sparks will be igniting into a full blown blaze Dec. 7 at Cedar Creek Café in Winlaw as eight young sculptors take their works public in a group show.

Under the tutelage of Nancylee Smith — the creator of Artfarm — eight sculptors ranging in age from six to eight years old will unleash 24 of their best work in a one day show at the café (1-5 p.m.).

Smith has been working with some of the young artists for over one year through her Art Sparks program, sparking their ideas and creativity, creating literacy through art.

The program is an arts curriculum for home-schooled children, an after-school arts program, and private instruction and also involves special Pro-D Day and spring break activities.

In all there are eight young sculptors — Simon, Gabriel, Evan, Emmerson, Torin, Nathan, Dez and Paul — from the Winlaw area who will present 24 sculptures in the show. It is a chance to reveal to the community what they have accomplished in pushing the bounds of creativity.

“I’m excited because I’ve never had an art show,” said Simon, 7, who already made three sculptures.

“I’m happy to bring all of my sculptures and show them to people,” chimed in Gabriel, 6.

Smith chose sculpture to deliver her message of creativity because she knows children like to make stuff happen, they like the hands-on aspect of the medium.

“This introduces them to form, and balance, not only in the artwork, but physical balance of the parts, and that they can create something,” Smith said.

She also branches off into drawing and painting, using nature as a basis of her teaching. Smith will often take her young students for a hike into the woods to study and observe patterns in nature.

The children come for three-month intervals of instruction — coinciding with the school term — while home-schooled children come all year around. Smith provides updates of her young charge’s progress to their parents after each weekly art session.

“This has expanded my son’s sense of wonder and curiousity about life,” said Rachelle Marsden, an educational consultant with Self Design High and a mother of one of the students.

Smith, a professional artist with 20 years of experience in arts facilitation with children, teens and adults of all abilities, uses mostly recycled materials for the kids to make their art.

Groups are limited to four students, ensuring sufficient one-to-one interaction. For details and to register, call Nancylee Smith at 250-226-7246.