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by Contributor on Thursday Jan 06 2022

The City of Nelson and its Cultural Development Committee are pleased to announce the RDCK is now accepting applications for 2022 Columbia Basin Trust Community Initiative funding. 

The application deadline is February 11, 2022.

The City of Nelson is committed to a sustainable future that includes a productive economy, well-protected environment, healthy citizens, and strong...

by Sarah Lord on Monday Dec 20 2021

During the last year, nine entrepreneurs took part in three qualifying pitch events organized by the Kootenay Association for Science & Technology (KAST).

The competition had thousands of viewers from across the province and beyond. According to KAST: “Entrepreneurs from every corner of the Kootenays braved the virtual stage to pitch their business to the world.”

The Kootenay...

by Contributor on Monday Dec 20 2021

The City of Nelson and its Heritage Working Group (HWG) are proud to present Nelson CARES Society with the 2021 Heritage Award for their significant restoration work on Ward Street Place.

The award comes with an $1000 honorarium.

This substantial initiative, with an approximate budget of $3 million, was done with great respect and care, honouring the building’s history and its...

by Contributor on Wednesday Dec 15 2021

The Cultural Development Committee (CDC), on behalf of the City of Nelson, is pleased to announce author Jane Byers’ appointment as Nelson’s 2022 Cultural Ambassador.

The award comes with an $1000 honorarium.

“We are thrilled to formally acknowledge Jane’s accomplishments, both as a writer and valued contributor to our community,” says Sydney Black, Chair of the CDC.


by Sarah Lord on Sunday Dec 12 2021

Montana Burgess, Executive Director of the West Kootenay EcoSociety (WKES), says winning the Clean50 award was humbling.

“When I look at the list of people who won the Clean 50 award this year and last year, there are so many people I admire and respect. To feel like they’re my peers made me feel really special and honoured,” says Burgess.

Burgess has built a career on helping...

by Sarah Lord on Monday Dec 06 2021

Experts stress that consumption is a driving force behind climate change and communities across Canada are experiencing the impact.

As floods recently hammered regions in the province of BC, nearly 200 nations attended the United Nations Climate Change conference in Glasgow, where the proposed climate plan was accepted, to limit the extent of our planet’s warming.

How can...

by Sarah Lord on Sunday Nov 28 2021

When Julie-Ann Chapman created She Shreds Mountain Adventures snowmobile education and adventure company, she stepped out of her comfort zone of a professional snowboarder and into a new career.

“My sponsors told me that I needed to go into the backcountry to film video segments, I told them, give me a year, I’m going to learn how to snowmobile,” says Chapman...

by Sarah Lord on Thursday Nov 18 2021

Nelson’s best-selling author Roz Nay released the third book in her Legend trilogy, published by Simon and Schuster, during the summer.

The Hunted is an unexpected thriller about two couples who meet backpacking through Africa, but the new friendship turns towards obsession. Like most great thrillers, the consequences for the characters are deadly.

Nay’s debut novel, ...