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by Contributor on Sunday Feb 05 2012

The Province has completed a comprehensive review of options for provincially operated meat inspection services at Class A and B licensed abattoirs.

This ensures that B.C. continues to provide the most effective, safe meat inspection system possible when the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) steps back from this role. The Report on the B.C. Abattoir System Inspection Review can be...

by Bill Metcalfe on Thursday Feb 02 2012


The City of Nelson is going to restore and develop Cottonwood Creek from Cottonwood Park to the CPR rail line, creating a network of small public spaces. This will take place mainly in two fragments of the creek on either side of the Baker Street Bridge.

In this video, Thomas Loh takes us to the banks of Cottonwood Creek and tells us about his ideas for the project.


by Contributor on Thursday Feb 02 2012

Madison's Lumber Reporter has learned that the United States' claim against Canada, for alleged subsidies on British Columbia's timber stumpage rates, has been reduced from US$499 to US$303.6 million.

In the American rebuttal of Canada's defense, which was filed on Dec. 23, 2011 but only made public this week, the U.S. Trade Representative's (USTR) office is asking for almost 40 percent...

by ProPublica on Tuesday Jan 31 2012

By Michael Grabell in ProPublica.

A common criticism of President Obama's $800 billion stimulus package has been that it failed to produce anything – that while the New Deal built bridges and dams, all the stimulus did was fill some potholes and create temporary jobs.

Don't tell...

by Anonymous on Tuesday Jan 31 2012

By Castlegar Source

Mercer International, the parent company of Castlegar's pulp mill, Zellstoff Celgar, is filing a $250-million claim indicating discrimination on the part of B.C. Hydro is costing the company  about $19 million of incremental energy sales every year.

The claim, according to a Mercer press release issued Jan. 26, is against the government of...

by Contributor on Monday Jan 30 2012

In 2009 and through 2010 a growing concern was voiced among professional foresters and biologists, conservationists, academics, community leaders, forest industry support companies and First Nations that British Columbia (BC) forests are in need of greater attention to meet societal expectations over the long-term.

This concern generated the Healthy Forests-Healthy Communities: A...

by Contributor on Tuesday Jan 17 2012

We are fortunate in our lifetimes to have seen technology’s amazing ability to “amplify human potential,” as Microsoft founder Bill Gates said so aptly.

In the last century, we saw how the automobile, the airplane, the telephone, and electricity transformed our society.  In the 21st century, the wireless revolution is transforming our...

by Contributor on Sunday Jan 01 2012
By: Rob McLister, Canadian Mortgage Trends
Cheap money fuelled another buoyant year for real estate in 2011.
That helped housing values climb a wall of worry (prices...
by Erin Perkins on Saturday Dec 31 2011
A leaked government document about the future of Canada's border crossings -- including possible closure, reduced hours, sharing of facilities and remote monitoring --  lists Midway, Cascade, Nelway and Chopaka crossings.
The document, "Small Port Working Group - Initial Results and Paths Forward", was done collectively between Canada's Customs and Border...
by Erin Perkins on Sunday Dec 18 2011
Bridesville residents have had enough and they let the government and Emcon know it.
On the evening of Monday, Dec. 12, more than 60 people packed the Bridesville Community Hall to discuss what they feel is a deteriorating road service in their area.
Boundary-Similkameen MLA John Slater, two Emcon employees and Stephanie Gillis, a...


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