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Arts and Culture

By Nelson Daily Staff On on Wednesday Feb 27 2019

Local Arts and Culture enthusiast, Sydney Black, was honoured with the Sustainability Leadership Award by the City of Nelson during Monday’s council meeting.

Black, well-known for her work in the arts community, received the award from Nelson Mayor John Dooley and councillor Rik Logtenberg.

Black is the Executive Director for the Nelson and District Arts Counci as well as...

By Charles Jeanes On on Tuesday Feb 19 2019

A re-visioning of old habits

Today I am trying to explore an old habit of my judgement, with regard to an historical fact I have long attempted to assimilate to a personal sense of justice.

The West has dominated the world for 400 years, and practically ruled it for a century from about 1850 t0 1950. The rest of the world over which the West held sway was subject...

By Rossland Telegraph On on Sunday Feb 17 2019

For the month of December, 2018,  ...

By kootenaygallery3 On on Wednesday Feb 13 2019

The Kootenay Gallery of Art exhibition season opens with two exhibitions. Both exhibitions feature installation art that allows the viewer to be immersed in the art as well as featuring art on the walls.

“Fata Morgana” is a major solo exhibition for Nelson artist Hildur Jonasson. It is her artistic response to a residency in the international arctic territory of Svalbard aboard the tall...

By Contributor On on Monday Jan 28 2019

The City of Nelson and its Cultural Development Committee presented Nelson residents Ron and Frances Welwood with a Special Citation in recognition of for their lifetime work in preserving, promoting and documenting Nelson’s history during a ceremony recently in council chambers.

Ron Welwood sat on the City of Nelson’s Heritage Committee for almost 20 years, compiling three heritage...

By Charles Jeanes On on Wednesday Jan 09 2019

Introduction: last year of our Second twenty-first-century Decade (!)

Year-end and year-start reviews can be an occasion for melancholy or celebration, and yet I personally feel neither. Mostly I feel astounded to find myself 19 years into the twenty-first century, and the third millennium, when it seems not so long ago that the pregnant year 2000 was sprung upon us....

By aeon On on Wednesday Dec 19 2018

By Walter Sinnot-Armstrong, for Aeon

Many of my best friends think that some of my deeply held beliefs about important issues are obviously false or even nonsense. Sometimes, they tell me so to my face. How can we still be friends? Part of the answer is that these friends and I are philosophers, and philosophers learn how to deal with positions on the edge...

By Contributor On on Sunday Dec 02 2018

By Jim Baggott ; from Aeon

‘The theory produces a good deal but hardly brings us closer to the secret of the Old One,’ wrote Albert Einstein in December 1926. ‘I am at all events convinced that He does not play dice.’ 

Einstein was responding to a letter from the German physicist Max...

By Nelson Daily Staff On on Friday Nov 30 2018

Opening night at the 31st Annual Christmas Pantomine did not disappoint as a large crowd flocked to the Capitol Theatre in Nelson for the production of Cinderallen.

Directed by Laurie Jarvis, along with Glynis Waring looking after dance and Tyler James as musical director, the annual Christmas Pantomine turns the average storybook fairytale upside down with out-of-the-norm plot twists...

By Andre Carrel On on Saturday Nov 24 2018

I have occasionally been critical of the way we do politics. The recent leaders’ debate on electoral reform provides me with material to explain.

The Opposition prefers electoral reform to be studied by a citizens’ assembly, as in 2003, over the Government’s process. It is a reasonable proposal. The members of the 2003 Citizens’ Assembly were selected at random. It was not an absolute...