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Arts and Culture

By Ethan Barnes On on Thursday Feb 04 2010

Every year all across Canada the humanitarian group Amnesty International holds an annual film festival. Its purpose is “to tell important stories about one of the most pressing issues of our time” through “the power of film.” This Sunday Rosslanders are invited to attend this year's Amnesty International Film Festival put on by the RSS Amnesty International Club. These are mainly students...

By Andrew Zwicker On on Tuesday Feb 02 2010

Rick Mercer's Rossland Winter Carnival episode aired Tuesday evening on CBC. Watch it here. Also, over the weekend, the Telegraph caught up with Mercer on his cell phone for a quick chat about his time in the Mountain Kingdom.

By Mona Mattei On on Thursday Dec 31 2009

As we ring in the New Year it is a tradition to look back over the last 12 months and talk about the things we liked the best. And as we enter a new decade, it is interesting to look at the speed of change over the years. One of the fastest changing areas is in audio and video technology. The last five years has seen the quality of compact discs (CD) and digital video discs (DVD) rapidly...

By Mona Mattei On on Monday Dec 21 2009

Being privileged enough in a small town to see the new film Avatar on its opening weekend at our hometown theatre, the Gem, I couldn’t resist writing a review of this amazing film. What is most impressive is the use of new technology that allows director James Cameron to seamlessly move from real-life filming to animation. While the Gem didn’t have the 3D equipment for viewing the...

By Contributor On on Tuesday Dec 08 2009
Columbia Basin Trust (CBT) is challenging youth ages 15-29 to submit works of fiction with appealing characters, dynamic plots and magnificent style to its first ever SCRATCH Writing Challenge - just make sure your story takes place
somewhere in the Columbia Basin.

The SCRATCH Writing Challenge is an opportunity for youth to take part in a...
By Liz Arnason On on Thursday Dec 03 2009

Rossland musician Andy Ross has been playing music for most of his life; he finds inspiration from his musician son and in everyday experiences. During a set he'll multi-task, playing harmonica in between singing verses while playing either left-handed guitar or dulcimer. This is surely not just another guy with a guitar.

The Winnipeg, Manitoba native was initially introduced to...