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More than 30 venues to view at ArtWalk 2024

By Contributor
July 7th, 2024

The 36th annual Nelson District Arts Council ArtWalk is up and running for 2024.

There are more than 30 venues throughout the downtown core in Nelson for people to see.

Art sales began as soon as the night started and continued all evening. Both professional and emerging artists participated in ArtWalk; the event was also a chance for some emerging artists to have their work shown for the very first time.

“It was a busy night right from the start and we had so many folks in the store who said they had never been in before,” said Michelle Rudell, owner of Nelson Olive Oil said of the official opening in late June.

“As any business owner knows, getting new people in the door can be challenging. They were impressed by the art as well as the products that we sell. We had lots of first-time sales. I was very happy with my ArtWalk experience as a business owner.”

The Nelson District Arts Council is so grateful for the support from local businesses and the community for another successful event.

The second opening on Saturday, July 27th will have a brand new set of artists’ work on display.

The next ArtWalk opening will showcase participating artists at their venues alongside a collection of street performances and other delights throughout Nelson’s downtown core from 6–9 p.m.

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