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Waste disposal facilities in Nakusp, Rosebery, and Slocan ready for major upgrades

Regional District of Central Kootenay
By Regional District of Central Kootenay
June 17th, 2024

The Regional District of Central Kootenay (RDCK) has begun major upgrades at three waste facilities in Nakusp, Rosebery, and Slocan.

These projects will replace aging infrastructure, increase site capacity, and improve the efficiency of waste management in the area.

Construction at the Nakusp Landfill is just beginning, while work at the Rosebery Transfer Station and Slocan Transfer Station will follow in the coming months.

The Nakusp Landfill upgrades will include the development of a new tipping area, addition of compacting bins, recycling area improvements, and upgrades to site roads, security, electric fencing and gates. This work is already in progress and will proceed until September.

Little to no service impacts are expected during construction. Access to the active face, waste transfer bins, wood waste, yard and garden, and metal drop-off areas are all expected to be maintained.

Construction of the new tipping area is the first phase of work to transition the site from an operating landfill to a transfer station, as identified in the RDCK’s 2021 Resource Recovery Plan.

Landfilling at Nakusp will continue for approximately one more year as the RDCK prepares for final closure; at that time, the transfer station service will continue to serve the majority of the area’s waste disposal needs by transferring waste to the Ootischenia Landfill.

“As a small landfill, the Nakusp site has a significantly higher cost per tonne to manage waste than larger landfills,” said Uli Wolf, RDCK Environmental Services General Manager.

“Further, the next phase of landfilling at Nakusp would require building a mandatory base liner and leachate collection system, which would move the cost per tonne in Nakusp well beyond a reasonable level for our residents.”

The upgrades at the Rosebery Transfer Station include the addition of a compactor bin, expansion of the tipping area to include a yard and garden waste bin, adjustment to the access road, and installation of site surveillance.  This work is scheduled to commence in August through to October.

Work at the Slocan Transfer Station is scheduled to commence in early October and be completed by late December.

The facilities aging bin wall will be replaced and a new staff washroom installed.

The work at the Rosebery Transfer Station and Slocan Transfer Station will be done in succession, and each site will be temporarily closed during construction. The RDCK will accommodate service disruptions through increased hours of operation and staffing at the closest neighbouring facility for both waste and recycling.

The RDCK will post a simplified project schedule along with other updates as they occur on our website:

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