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Kootenay Coop Radio host wins national award for classical show

By Contributor
June 23rd, 2024

With a show title like Bach and Beyond, many people wonder what exactly is beyond Bach, “The beyond part of my title allows me to get into all sorts of genres,” says host Doug Jamieson, “but the show is primarily a classical music show.”

Recently, at a national awards ceremony in Cape Breton, Jamieson and his genre bending Bach and Beyond received a well deserved CRABO award (Community Radio Awards in Broadcast and Online) in the Classical Century category.

Every episode takes several hours of meticulous preparation, and that’s a mutual benefit to host and audience alike, “I have a musical background which I put to good use when hosting,” says Jamieson.

“I benefit from doing the research and learning about new works. As a composer, I can get totally wrapped up in my own projects, so it is good to listen to other works.”

“Shows like Bach and Beyond are what make community radio stations viable in today’s day and age,” says Ed Zych, KCR’s Programming Manager.

“You can certainly find classical music on streaming services, but having someone as knowledgable and engaging as Doug delve into what you just heard heightens the experience. Nothing against a 2 minute pop song, but some things, like classical music, are worth the extra effort.”

Before moving to Nelson, Jamieson worked as the director of the Dixon Hall Music School in Toronto, where he helped thousands of inner-city children from the Regent Park community receive affordable, high-quality music lessons.

“Classical music has structure, design, attention to detail and celebrates excellence, it also enriches us spiritually,” Jamieson goes on to say.

”In my opinion, not enough people spend the time to appreciate classical music and reap its benefits. “

In addition to hosting Bach and Beyond, Jamieson has been an Associate Composer of the Canadian Music Centre since1984, and wrote the words and music for four large-scale musical theatre works.

He spends his time focusing on music composition, grand parenting and volunteering.

Tune in to Kootenay Coop Radio at 93.5 FM in Nelson, or online at

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