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Anderson Creek Timber Initiates Responsible Controlled Burn Above Mountain Station

The Nelson Daily Staff
By The Nelson Daily Staff
November 14th, 2023

Nelson Fire and Rescue Services said in a media release Tuesday, weather permitting, Anderson Creek Timber will be starting Phase 1 of a controlled burn operation above Mountain Station.

Nelson Fire and Rescue Services said Anderson Creek Timber is committed to responsible environmental practices and aims to reduce wildfire risks in the region.

Mitigating Smoke Impact

Several strategies to minimize the environmental impacts of the controlled burn will be undertaken.  Burn piles will be kept to a manageable size, with fuel added over time.  Small piles will burn more efficiently, creating less smoke and less of a chance of an escape.  Despite these measures Nelson residents may notice some smoke over the course of the treatment.

Prioritizing Safety

Community safety is a top priority of Anderson creek timber.  Burn piles have been placed against resource roads, which offer a fuel free buffer.  Anderson Creek Timber has equipped their crews with firefighting equipment, a 1000-liter tank, and a hose and pump to ensure swift response to unforeseen incidents.

Following Regulations and Environmental Sensitivity

Anderson Creek Timber is strictly adhering to Provincial regulations. Considerable attention is also given to factors such as venting and wind patterns. “While there may be times where natural wind inversion could lead to smoke drifting down the mountain and into the city, Anderson Creek Timber is taking great efforts to only burn on days with optimal venting to mitigate that.” Explain Nelson’s Fire Chief, Jeff Hebert.

Reducing Wildfire Risks

These controlled burns also reduce the accumulation of combustible materials in the forest near Nelson. This proactive measure significantly reduces the risk of wildfire, and increases the city’s resiliency.

Anderson Creek Timber’s ongoing commitment to minimizing these effects highlights their dedication to a community-oriented and environmentally responsible approach to logging and forestry activities. As they embark on Phase 1 of their controlled burn, they are committed to sustainable and environmentally conscious fuel reduction operations.

Nelson Fire & Rescue Services said once controlled burning begins, there will be a media release sent out to keep the public informed.

— Source Nelson Fire and Rescue Services

The map shows the area that will be controlled burned. — Submitted

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