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Pride Parade highlights Nelson Pride Celebrations

September 3rd, 2023

Nelson Pride culminated a weekend of activities as spectators lined Baker Street Sunday afternoon for the annual parade through downtown, ending with an after-parade Block Party on Kootenay Street.

Sunday, Baker Street was lined with people waving rainbow flags and clever signs to cheer on the parade.

From rainbow face paint to homemade signs encouraging acceptance, equality and love, members of the community were everywhere to be seen in the crowd and the parade itself.

The first Pride parade on Baker Street and banner happened in 1996.

Since then the Pride organization has had several configurations and names. Many folks may remember the West Kootenay Gays and Lesbians; In the 80’s this changed to West Kootenay Lesbians and Gays (WKLG).

In 1990, it became West Kootenay Gays and Lesbians (WKGLS) in 1995 it transitioned into West Kootenay Gays and Lesbians Society (WKGLS), in 1997 West Kootenay Gays Lesbians and BiSexual (WKGLBS) which deregistered in 2001.

Since then adhock Pride committees have formed annually to create events.

This year Nelson Pride, an energetic group of volunteers, changed its name from Kootenay Pride.

Nelson Mayor Janice Morrison was one of the many participants in the Pride Parade.

Waving flags Pride Parade participants showcased their Pride during the parade.

This year, the parade wandered through the downtown using a different route to finish at the after-parade Block Party on Kootenay Street.

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