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BC SPCA seizes 30 Dachshunds from terrible living conditions in the Okanagan

By Contributor
September 21st, 2023

The BC SPCA said officials seized 30 Dachshund dogs from an Okanagan breeder, ranging in age from four months to five years of age.

The BC SPCA said the dogs were found to have dental disease, overgrown nails, exposure to high ammonia levels and were living in unsanitary conditions and were kept in small crates; the little bedding present was soiled with urine and feces.

“When our animal protection officers arrived on site, the smell of ammonia permeated the house,” explains Eileen Drever, senior officer, protection and stakeholder relations for the BC SPCA in media release Thursday.

“They found that the dogs were primarily kept in a basement where urine was soaked into the wooden shelves holding dog crates.”

The BC SPCA said that although the animals had occasional outside access, Drever  said it was clear “that these little ones spent most of their time without proper ventilation or comfort.”

The BC SPCA said at this time these dogs are not currently available for adoption.

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