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World’s best women mountain bikers compete at Revelstoke – Dark Horse Air Sesh

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August 14th, 2023

Casey Brown’s Dark Horse Invitational Returns to Elevate Women’s Mountain Biking and Inspire Progression.

The highly anticipated return of Casey Brown’s Dark Horse Invitational to Revelstoke Mountain Resort marks a significant milestone in the ongoing journey of progressing the sport for female mountain biking.

With a mission to empower women athletes and fuel their growth, this freeride event brings together the world’s best female MTB athletes alongside emerging talents, creating a platform where dreams become reality.

From August 22nd to 26th, athletes will showcase their skills and push their boundaries, as they are judged among their peers to determine who deserves the coveted title of The Dark Horse. 

The Dark Horse Invitational brings together the world’s best women riders between the ages of 12 to 33 years of age hand-picked by Casey.

During the course of four days, athletes focus on their progression, development and push their limits on big jumps and vote for the athlete deserving of the Dark Horse title, with the main event, Dark Horse Air Sesh, offers riders an opportunity to show off their skills to the public.  

“Dark Horse brings together some of the best young up and comers in freeride,” said Casey Brown, Canadian professional mountain biker, host of Dark Horse Invitational.

“The idea is to have a good mix of established riders and new to the industry girls that want to make MTB their career. We incorporate all the aspects of being an athlete into four days of riding, gym sessions, nutrition talks, yoga, sports psychology and more. The youngest girl we’ve had hit the jumps is Tayte at 12 years old in year one. It’s really fulfilling seeing everyone learning new tricks and growing their skillsets.”

At the heart of this event is the collective pursuit of progression. The course, featuring a Pro-Line with four jumps, an airbag, and mulch jump, serves as a canvas for athletes to push their limits. The focus is not solely on competition but on personal development and the shared journey of taking mountain biking to new heights. 

Come check out the fruit of their hard work at the main spectator event on Saturday, August 26th, from 1-4 p.m.

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