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Realms of art and architecture with David Dobie

Jeff Sawyer
By Jeff Sawyer
August 1st, 2023

The realm of art and architecture is a fascinating and diverse field that encompasses a wide range of creative expressions, styles, nuances, materiality and form.

In the realm of art, artists use various mediums such as painting, sculpture and photography to create their works that can evoke emotions, tell stories, and even challenge societal norms.

Art in all its forms has the power to inspire, educate, and bring people together and art has always been inherently valued and prized throughout the ages.

Architecture, on the other hand, involves the design and construction of buildings and other structures.

Architects usually consider factors such as functionality, form, practicality, materials, safety, and aesthetics when creating their designs — with the ultimate goal of creating buildings that serve the needs of their users and occupants while enhancing and complementing the surrounding outside environment.

In this edition of The Daily Dose, Editor Jeff Sawyer connects with one of Nelson’s most prolific designers and builder David Dobie, to understand how his designs are influenced by both the realms of art and architecture, and how is own personal philosophies and design principles in this space guide his decisions on this wide-ranging subject. 

The interview comes on the eve of his ‘Shifting Design’ project (Phase Two) to be exhibited at the Nelson City Hall.

The design exhibit will be open for viewing near the front entry lawn of Nelson City Hall, August 5th through to September 11th 2023.

Click here for the full interview.






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