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Op/Ed: Thanking the Heroes

Brittny Anderson
By Brittny Anderson
August 29th, 2023

In the face of devastating wildfires, our communities in British Columbia have witnessed countless heroes stepping forward. These extraordinary individuals deserve our utmost gratitude and respect for their unwavering dedication and bravery.

First and foremost, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to our BC Wildfire Service team. Their tireless efforts in battling fires, safeguarding homes and communities, and risking their lives day after day is nothing short of incredible. We are also fortunate to have firefighters from various regions, including Ontario, eastern Canada, the US, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, Brazil, Costa Rica, and others joining us in this critical endeavor. Their commitment and courage are invaluable assets to our wildfire season.

Heroes emerge not only on the front lines but also behind the scenes, in both official and unofficial capacities. These are the individuals who disseminate vital information to evacuees, coordinate the movement of people and resources across the province, analyze temperature and fire trends to aid our anticipation, and tirelessly work within local governments and Indigenous communities to manage communications, evacuations, and more at a grassroots level.

During these challenging times, everyday people also demonstrate heroic acts of kindness. They open their homes and hearts to evacuees, volunteer with organizations like the SPCA to rescue and care for pets and livestock, coordinate food and supplies for those affected and displaced, and bravely follow evacuation orders, leaving behind their homes and belongings. We understand the immense difficulty in making these decisions, and they play an integral role in allowing our firefighters to carry out their duties and ensure the safety of all.

We have received numerous generous offers of supplies, food, and other donations for our wildfire fighters. However, accepting and coordinating these contributions can pose significant challenges. Instead, if you wish to help, we kindly request that you consider donating directly to reputable organizations like the Canadian Red Cross. These organizations possess the expertise to effectively distribute funds and supplies, ensuring they reach the right individuals and communities in need. For a comprehensive list of organizations accepting donations, please visit

We extend our deepest gratitude to all those who have reached out and expressed their desire to support, as well as to those who have already displayed acts of heroism during these wildfires. Your unwavering support is truly appreciated.

I would like to thank everyone in the tourism sector for their incredible patience and support during this difficult time. The Kootenays are an incredible place to visit, we know this because that is why many of us live here. Rural BC has so many places to explore. So please welcome your friends and family to visit our incredible communities or plan to visit a neighbouring region that is not struggling with wildfires. They are ready to welcome you. Please remember to check Emergency Management BCDrive BC and the local Regional District or First Nation for any evacuation alerts or orders.

We are all in this together and by working collaboratively, we will come out of this stronger.

Thank you for being an integral part of our community.

In your Service,
Brittny Anderson

MLA for Nelson–Creston

Parliamentary Secretary for Tourism

Premier’s Special Advisor on Youth

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