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Meta blocks news availability on The Nelson Daily Facebook page

The Nelson Daily Staff
By The Nelson Daily Staff
August 8th, 2023

Meta (Facebook & Instagram) said recently it would begin to block news availability on its Canadian platforms.

Now, The Nelson Daily, as well as Lone Sheep partner websites in Grand Forks (Boundary Sentinel), Castlegar (Source), Trail (Champion) and Rossland (Telegraph), has been lumped in with other Canadian media giants, to have our respective Facebook and Instagram accounts blocked from posting content.

The reason?

Meta said its due to the Canadian Government’s decision to pass its Online New Act, Bill C-18, in June.

Bill C-18 requires tech giants like Google and Meta to pay news outlets for content they share or post on their platforms.

Canadians, and readers of The Nelson Daily, will no longer be able to receive local coverage through links or posts on our Facebook or Instagram accounts.

Meta’s decision comes while the Department of Canadian Heritage remains in the process of drafting up guidelines on how the law will be implemented — a law expected to begin by the end of 2023.

So where does this leave The Nelson Daily?

Or our other Lone Sheep partners?

Well, if you are reading this story, you might already be a follower of The Nelson Daily — which is a good thing.

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The Nelson Daily, locally owned and operated, started in September of 2010 when much of the current staff was closed down by one of those media giants that purchased Nelson Daily News and closed the paper in July of the same year.

We, at The Nelson Daily, wanted to continue to provide local news coverage daily, much like the former NDN.

And believe we have accomplished this goal for the past 13 years.

So do yourself a favour and subscribe to The Nelson Daily newsletter to guarantee continued local news coverage from the Greater Nelson Area.

Better yet, shift that time on Facebook or Instagram over to The Nelson Daily home page at and check out new local content every day.

— Bruce Fuhr, Editor/Owner The Nelson Daily

The technical error is Meta blocking the The Nelson Daily Facebook page from posting stories for Canadian readers.

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