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Columbia Basin organizations benefit from new technology

December 13th, 2022

The list of non-profit organizations across the Columbia Basin that will soon be benefiting from new technology is long.

Ninety-one groups are purchasing equipment that will improve their operations and help them continue to deliver vital services. The projects are being done with support from Columbia Basin Trust.

“People in the region rely on non-profits for so many reasons—to help the vulnerable, to provide emergency serivces, to increase opportunities for youth, to just name a few,” said Justine Cohen, Manager, Delivery of Benefits, Columbia Basin Trust.

“Up-to-date technology helps them do their jobs better, widely benefiting many.”

The groups are purchasing and installing items like desktop and laptop computers, tablets, software, servers, photocopiers and scanners. The Trust’s total contribution is nearly $675,000.

Here are a few of the recipients:

Arrow Lakes Search and Rescue Society

Based in Nakusp, the Arrow Lakes Search and Rescue Society is purchasing various pieces of technology that will help it continue to provide emergency services throughout the area. This includes computers, monitors, mice, a television and a subscription to SARtopo software.

“Technology is becoming increasingly important in all aspects of search and rescue, from real-time location data to network communication,” said Daniel Abraham, Vice-President.

“These items will enable our operations managers to efficiently deploy our resources and monitor their status, and they will greatly assist us in keeping our response efforts fast and effective. Additionally, they will help bring us up to the regional technology standard utilized by other Kootenay search and rescue groups, vital for mutual operations.”

Circle of Indigenous Nations Society

The Circle of Indigenous Nations Society is upgrading its website to WordPress software, which will modernize the user experience, improve the security of the site and enhance privacy through data encryption. This will help the society better serve people in the West Kootenay as it provides programs rooted in Indigenous practices, such as Aboriginal Family Services and Aboriginal Community Wellness.

“The COINS website is a key channel for us to put out information and for clients and the general public to connect with our staff and programs,” said Kris Salikin, Executive Director.

“Optimizing our site is an important step in our organization’s development.”

Kootenay Livestock Association

In its aim to strengthen and promote the agriculture industry in the region, the Kootenay Livestock Association (KLA) is purchasing a laptop, wireless keyboard and wireless mouse, to be used by its office administrator; a phone for conference calls, to be used by staff, program coordinators and committee members; and a projector that will be used to deliver programs and presentations. 

“With this support, the KLA will enhance how we connect with agriculture producers throughout the region,” said Tanya Molle, Administrator.

“Incorporating new tech into the KLA will help us to improve the accessibility, variety and frequency of KLA programs and initiatives.”

Lardeau Valley Opportunity LINKS Society

To make it even easier to live and thrive in the area, the Lardeau Valley Opportunity LINKS Society connects individuals, businesses and other groups and organizations in the Lardeau Valley, including serving as an information and communications hub. It is purchasing various technological products and services, as well as redesigning its community website and creating an interactive digital map of the area.

“Not only have we been able to purchase various hardware and software subscriptions to increase our efficiency, but we are also very excited for the opportunity to rebuild the community website,” said Chelsey Jones, Executive Director.

“The vision for the new website is to effectively serve residents and visitors as a hub of information and a modern tool for coordination and information sharing in the Lardeau Valley. It will have more basic function than the current website, and it will also benefit from the creative contributions of local photographers, artists and designers to truly reflect the beauty and talent in the Lardeau Valley.”

To learn more about how the Trust supports community well-being, visit

To view the list of all organizations, click here.

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