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Turning Old into New — Patina’d in Nelson

Ari Lord
By Ari Lord
February 21st, 2022

Robin Gallant’s life work is to take the old and outdated and transform it into something fresh, modern and loved.

As the owner of Patina’d in Nelson, Gallant wears three main hats.

One is running a retail operation where she offers DIY paints and unique hardware for sale.

She teaches DIY workshops, passing her design knowledge on to her students. The third is a design and custom finishing side with a vast client base.

Half residential and half commercial, her design and finishing work can be seen in many area establishments, including Broken Hill, Cantina, Urban Legends, Shoe-la-la, and many others.

The design side of her business is so popular that she receives many recommendations from past clients.

Read more about Robin Gallant and her Patina’d business in Nelson as Sarah Lord takes a look in the latest edition of Hall Printing Daily Dose.

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