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The Show Must Go On — Get Ready for Kootenay Pride 2020

By Contributor
September 2nd, 2020

Kootenay Pride is not letting 2020 get them down, so the show must go on.

Even though there will be no parade down Baker Street this Labour Day weekend like there has been since 1996 Kootenay Pride still has lots of COVID-19 safe events and projects planned to celebrate the whole rainbow.

The volunteer committee that drives Pride met in early April and made the tough call to cancel the parade. It was early but there were already some other Pride organizations across the country who were making that call as well.

The committee wanted to air on the side of caution and above all keep the community safe. In hindsight, they were glad they made that call when they did. The thought of working toward a parade and then having to cancel at the last minute would have been heartbreaking. It will still be a sad Sunday, Sept 6th on Baker Street with no colourful dancing crowds followed by the throbbing pink flat deck.

The parade means so much to the Queer community not only do they get to show off their true colours but they have the community right there cheering them on. It’s a big love fest.

But this hasn’t stopped the Kootenay Pride committee.

There are lots of fun events to celebrate this season with all the details on the Kootenay Pride website or the Kootenay Pride Facebook and Instagram pages.

“I’m really proud of the creative events that our Kootenay Pride 2020 volunteers are putting together this year,” a beaming Stephanie Wiggins, one of the key volunteer organizers, said.

“The events are a wonderful mix that keeps everyone safe, while still allowing us to show our queer community pride.”

The fun starts on Friday, Sept 4th with Quirk: a Pride Variety Show online from 6-9 p.m.

People can buy a link to the Zoom event to share in the fun or just watch for free on the facebook page.

All donations and ticket proceeds will be donated to the ANKORS Foundation Fund (to support local people with HIV or Hep C) and the Christopher Moore Community Fund (to support the local trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming community).

Also on Sept 4th there will be the first of two drive-in theatre movies. On Friday it’s Paris is Burning, a Queer Film Classic the stunning 1991 documentary about the drag subculture in 1980s New York.

Saturday, The Watermelon Woman, part love story, part reinvention of African American film history.

During the day on Saturday, Sept 5th you can take your car down to Railtown for a Queer Car Wash from noon to 3 p.m. Tune your radio to Kootenay Co-op Radio (93.5fm) during that time for a 3-hour disco show. 

One ongoing event is the community call out for archival material for the Queer Archives at Touchstones Nelson Museum of Art and History. Michael Wicks has been working continuously to ensure that there aren’t any gaps in the archives housed at Touchstones.

He is encouraging you to look in your drawers, coat pockets, costume boxes for any Queer archival material… ticket stubs, posters, pins, etc. These can be dropped off at Touchstones Nelson Museum and left with the archivist JP Stienne.

There is also a colouring contest with 4 different age categories from 0-5 to 18+.

The prizes have been donated by our lovely supporting businesses Isis Essentials, Otter Books, Urban Legends, and Secret Garden Toys. The contest has been extended till the end of September.

Folks can pick up and drop off their entries at Touchstones Nelson Museum of Art and History during business hours.

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