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Earth Art Festival planned for Valentine's Day in Nelson

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February 10th, 2020

Fridays For Future Nelson is partnering with Extinction Rebellion and the Nelson United Church to put on an Earth Art Festival on Friday, February 14th.

This is a two-part event: First part, will be a community Strike in front of Nelson City Hall from 2-3 p.m: Second Part, will be a “Earth Art Fest” at Nelson United Church to create a “community quilt” from 3:30-5:30 p.m.

“Our Strike [2-3pm] is a space to for everyone gather, make signs, play music, march, and chant,” said Jade Osecki, a 16-year old Fridays for Future organizer.

“We are showing our love for our Earth, so bring love themed signs.” says  “After the Strike we will be walking together up to Nelson United Church for our community art event.”

This Earth Art Fest is a youth, family, and community-friendly art project event complete with snacks and music. The  Earth Art Fest is collaborating on a gigantic “community quilt” to express our community need for Sustainability and respect for our environment. Keep an eye out, because the quilt will be used at future actions in Nelson! Additionally, there will be “valentines” letter writing, crafts, and games.

“Earth Fest is a great way to spend Valentine’s Day with your loved ones. Instead of contributing to the Valentine’s rut of consumerism, we will be creating artwork and community promoting sustainability and expressing love for our shared home,” says Linn Murray, a 20-year-old organizer of the event.

Organizers are promoting a fun and friendly atmosphere for people of all ages and backgroundsto collaborate artistically for our planet.

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