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Letter: Compassion’s Power

Letters to the editor
By Letters to the editor
December 4th, 2019

To The Editor:

Civil Rights lawyer Gary Haugen is concerned with the human capacity for compassion. He says of the genocide in Rwanda, that it was one of the world’s greatest failures of simple compassion.

Today we are faced with another call for compassion.

(Recently) The Lancet, a prestigious medical journal published its Climate Change Report. The authorsworry the future health of young people will get even grimmer if emissions of heat-trapping gases aren’t curbed.

“Children are the most vulnerable. They will bear the vast majority of the burden of climate change,” the lead author stated. “Their health will be hit by climate change in a profoundly different way.”

 When our children ask, “where were you when global temperature were rising, and there was still time to make the necessary changes to give everyone the chance to be safe? 

Can we answer; yes, we cared about you.  We joined with others to support our governments to make the tough decisions, so your future could be one of health and peace.

With compassion and determination, we’ve made the impossible happen before. The successful fight against global poverty is one impressive example. 

Standing on these building blocks we can grow our capacity to care, making a safe future for all.

Dona Grace-Campbell, Kaslo, BC

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