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EcoSociety hosts book tour stop — Burning Souls

By Contributor
June 23rd, 2019

What does an Ottawa city councillor who is deeply concerned about the planet’s ecological unravelling and the glacial response by citizens and politicians do when unexpectedly defeated in his re-election bid?

He publishes a climate breakdown thriller, then takes it on an epic cross-country book tour, in search of conversation and readers. By electric vehicle, naturally. The climate crisis is a hot topic, and author David Chernushenko has written Burning Souls, a novel set against the backdrop of the climate crisis.

West Kootenay EcoSociety is hosting Chernushenko’s book tour in Nelson on Friday, June 28 and invites everyone to meet the author, listen to a reading, and discuss the implications of the climate crisis he depicts. Burning Souls is a dramatic tale of courage and friendship in a time of political turmoil and ecological collapse. It promises to initiate a dynamic discussion.

Chernushenko embarked on his book tour on June 3 with stops in over 20 Canadian towns and cities. The Electrified Burning Souls Road Trip promotes his novel and invites timely conversation and debate about climate breakdown, populist rhetoric and misinformation, species loss, mass migration, the erosion of democracy and — above all — the wish and the quest of many Canadians to lead a life that is better aligned with their social and ecological values.

“It’s an ambitious project,” admits Chernushenko, “but then Burning Souls is an ambitious book about passionate people giving everything — and I do mean everything — to make a positive difference for society and the future of our ecosystems. In the face of fierce opposition.”

He has been travelling, one 350 km recharge at a time, from town to town, holding readings and signings, giving talks, participating in discussions and even delivering some guest sermons. He blogs about his experiences with his audiences, his electric car “Belle the Bolt,” and in search of natural beauty and sources of human inspiration. He’s also taking time to savour his time in Western Canada.

“You can’t spend all your time and energy trying to be a saviour without reminding yourself what it is you are working to save,” he says.

Join us on June 28 from 7- 8:30 p.m. upstairs at the Visitor Centre in Nelson, in Railtown at 91 Baker Street. Come by at 6:30 if you’d like to learn more about owning and driving an electric car. Chernushenko will have his electric vehicle plugged into the charging station outside the Visitor’s Centre and can tell you about the latest EV rebates.

EcoSociety will have a table at the event promoting the final days of its Annual Membership Drive during the month of June. This is your opportunity to join the EcoSociety to tackle climate change right here in your own backyard.

David Chernushenko is a writer, educator, speaker, film producer and explorer of ‘living lightly’ in our personal and professional lives. He was twice elected to Ottawa city council (2010-18), where he chaired the Environment and Climate Protection Committee and played a major role in promoting a renewable energy transition, active transportation, complete streets, public health and supportive housing. He served as a member of Canada’s National Roundtable on the Environment and the Economy, the International Olympic Committee’s Sport and Environment Commission and as deputy leader of the Green Party of Canada. He has written three books on sustainable management practices, and produced three films: Be the Change; Powerful: Energy for Everyone; and Bike City, Great City.

West Kootenay EcoSociety is a non-profit community-driven organization that works to bring together local residents to protect the natural environment while building just, equitable, healthy, and livable communities in the West Kootenay region.

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