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April 'typical' month of weather — Southeast Fire Centre

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
May 2nd, 2019

For anyone keeping score at home, April was, well, a typical month regarding weather said Ron Lakeman at the Southeast Fire Centre.

“The mean monthly temperature was bang on normal while the total amount of precipitation (all rain) was only 69% of normal,” Lakeman said in his monthly weather synopsis.

Lakeman said several Pacific disturbances pushed across the southern part of the province during April producing frequent showers but generally light amounts of rain. 

He said measurable rain fell 16 of the 30 days while trace amounts were recorded another six days. 

“The greatest one-day rainfall was 8.8 millimetres on April 5th,” Lakeman said.

“High pressure allowed for a few dry and fairly sunny days, most notably the first two days of the month, the April 17th and April 21st.”

Lakeman said the temperatures were highly variable however no records were set. 

“The warmest day was April 21st with a high of 20.8 degrees,” he said.

“Clear skies and a dry northerly flow allowed for an early morning low of -2.7 degrees on the April 30th.”

Lakeman said the record minimum temperature for the day is -2.8 degrees which most recently occurred in 2008.

Environment Canada is calling for a warm start to May, with temperatures spiking to the low 20s this week after a risk of a thunderstorm Thursday evening.


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