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Making Changes to protect for now and into future

Michelle Mungall
By Michelle Mungall
December 16th, 2018

I love British Columbia and I want to protect what makes it so special – for now and for the future.

As a new mother and as B.C.’s energy minister, I’m committed to addressing climate change and building a better and more prosperous future.

Every day brings a new reminder that climate change is a massive global problem, with impacts right here at home. The good news is that British Columbia is perfectly positioned to rise to the challenge. This is our moment – our chance to make life better today and pave the way for those who come after us.

CleanBC – our plan that’s aimed at reducing climate pollution – is about working together to build a cleaner, brighter future. As a resident of the Kootenays, which produces half of B.C.’s hydropower, I’m proud of the opportunities that come from our clean electricity. B.C.’s own hydro resources give us the ability to drive economic development and help to move us away from fossil fuels. CleanBC sends a signal to other provinces and jurisdictions that we can power our growing economy with clean, renewable energy and make life better and more affordable for people.

With every challenge comes opportunity. The world must evolve to address climate change and British Columbia can be a leader in that transformation. CleanBC is designed to keep our economy strong and welcome new investment. As the Business Council of British Columbia has pointed out, CleanBC positions us as a great choice for international markets looking for low-carbon energy and commodities.

CleanBC puts us on the path to meet our climate goals, while growing our economy. In B.C., we’re mobilizing our skilled workers, natural resources and booming tech sector to reduce climate pollution and create good jobs and opportunities for people throughout the province. Together, we can build our economy and power our future with clean, renewable energy.

Michelle Mungall, Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources and Nelson Creston MLA

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