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Four nations professional development workshops for professionals

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August 26th, 2018

Four Nations Coalition of Indigenous medicineswould like to remind the public of the Professional Development Days this August 23rd through to Aug. 31st.

Organizers at Four Nations said many of our workshops are also relevant for other professionals or community members such as: anyone working in the social service sector or public/non- profit organizations.

“Or perhaps you are a community member who have Indigenous family members, neighbours or associates and you would like to learn more about our beautiful cultures; and how to better navigate cross-cultural relations,” a Four Nations release said.

Located in the beautiful Slocan Valley on a pine forested sevenacres just minutes from the Slocan and Little Slocan rivers and the Slocan Valley Rail Trail, the property is steeped in the history of the land here. 

So much so that there are archeological pit house indentations from an ancient Sinixt village site that sat nestled at the confluence of these two rivers thousands of years ago right on site.

Four Nations Coalition of Indigenous medicines is dedicated to offering teachings and services that enhance all people’s connection to nature, their creators and each other.

“We want the world to be beautiful, vibrant and healthy for many generations to come, and we want to co-create that beautiful world with you. We believe that to achieve that goal we have to share the brilliance and deeply wise teachings that our ancestors acquired and bridge them with the incredible technologies and gifts that our modern world has to offer.”

Check out this link to find a workshop that is suitable for you as an educator.


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