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VW Bus accident adds to exciting Friday night in Heritage City

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
July 28th, 2018

UPDATED: Nelson Fire & Rescue Services joined Nelson Police and Nelson Hydro to deal with a runaway Volkwagen van Friday night on the 400 block of Ward Street in the Heritage City said a media release early Saturday morning.

Nelson Fire Rescue responded to a report at 6:53 p.m. of a vehicle jumping the curb and striking a Nelson Hydro pad-mounted transformer box.  Both on-duty members responded immediately followed by another member responding to the station from home.

At the scene, crew observed damage and dislodgment of the transformer box, and that a VW Van had come to a rest against a statue, next to the city museum.  In addition, power had been disrupted in the downtown core, affecting several businesses.  The first arriving crew’s primary objective was keeping the public away from the electrical hazard of the damaged transformer and ensuring the vehicle was secure.

"The accident appears to be caused by a combination of a spontaneously-failing parking brake and the van being located on a steep incline," the release said.  "Thankfully, no-one was in the vehicle at the time and no bystanders were injured."

In all, three firefighters responded to the incident, along with members of Nelson Police Department, Nelson Hydro, Nelson Public Works staff and Western Auto Towing. Total damage is unknown at this time. The cause of the incident is still under investigation.

Nelson Fire & Rescue Services would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone to stay clear of compromised hydro lines and equipment, as the very ground near the damaged equipment can be dangerously and invisibly energized.

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There was plenty of entertainment in downtown Nelson Friday night.

July MarketFest attracted hundreds of people, ArtWalk saw many flock to local businesses to enjoy the art and a Volkswagen Bus added to the evening with a bit of art of its own following a collision with a heritage building in the downtown core.

A parking brake failure outside Secret Garden Toy Store on the 400 block of Ward Street saw a Volkswagen Bus add to the art in downtown Nelson as the vehicle coasted from its parking stall before ending positioned against a statue outside Touchstone Museum. In the process, the VW Bus contacted a Nelson Hydro power box, knocking out power to parts of the city.

No one was injured in the unfortuate accident that cast a bit of a cloud over the night's festivities.

Nelson Police, Nelson Fire Rescue Services and Nelson Hydro attended the accident scene.

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