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June weather — bang on normal

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
July 5th, 2018

In this age of climate change, it was nice to see a normal month when it comes to weather.

In the monthly weather synopsis, forecaster for the Southeast Fire Centre, Ron Lakeman said the majority of June seemed unusually cool.

“In actual fact the mean monthly temperature during June was bang on normal and very similar to May,” Lakeman explains.

“Also similar to May the total monthly rainfall was less than normal.”

“Unsettled conditions prevailed but only 70 percent of the normal 72.3 millimetres of rain fell this month,” he added.

Lakeman said a broad upper trough of low pressure prevailed during the majority of the month and resulted in 16 days in which measurable rain was recorded.

“The most significant rainfall (21.6 mm) was due to a Pacific frontal system and its bands of showers and thundershowers which began during the mid-afternoon of June 9th and continued through the night of June10th.”

Lakeman said high pressure did briefly build over southern BC for a few days of sunny and very warm conditions, most notably on June19th, 20th and again on the 24th. 

“The warmest temperature this month was 33.0 degrees during the afternoon of the 20th,” he said.

Lakeman said a record daily minimum temperature of 2.3 degrees was set on June 12th with the coolest temperature ever recorded during June is 1.6 degrees from 2008.

Cooler temperatures continue as the calendar flipped to July as locals kicked off the month with Canada Day celebrations.

However, the next week, a band of high pressure from the south is expected to push the thermometer into the low 30s on the Celsius gauge through the next seven days.

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