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Inaugural Bunker Sessions — THE VINYL SCORE with DJ Olive

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July 23rd, 2018

The inaugural Bunker Session – THE VINYL SCORE with DJ Olive, is set for Thursday, July 26thfrom 6:45-8 p.m.

For more than 20 years DJ Olive has been working on a concept he calls The Vinyl Score. Of the work, he explains,“In my studio I work with musicians recording sounds and noises. On the computer and the sampler I create a wide-ranging palette of sounds, then press them on vinyl to be mixed together by DJ improvisers. The point is not to play all the sounds but to find a series of sounds and work those with the personal skills and techniques which each DJ brings to the piece.”

DJ Olive is a part of the musical and audio vanguard. He has performed around the world to vast audiences, sharing his musical expressions and artistry, and we are fortunate to have his talent in Nelson, BC.

The artist further explains his methods and various interpretations of his work: “there is no correct way to play beyond the minimal rules: no other records are allowed. Though the palette is limited, the variation and the personal interpretations are endless. It can be said that it is impossible to play these pieces the same way twice. It is my intent to help broaden the lexicon and techniques involved in turntablism as well as composing inan open-ended non-linear style specific to the improvisational aspect of the instrument.”

To experience this incredible contemporary sound scape, the audience will travel back in time into the cold-war Bunker, where DJ Olive will perform The Vinyl Score and give a talk on his musical and performative artistic practice. The contemporary and cold-war juxtaposition will add multiplelayer of meaning, sound and experience.

Seating is limited! Purchase your tickets in advance at Touchstones Nelson Museum or Eddy Music.Tickets for this 19+ show are $10/each, and are limited to 40.

Ticket holders will leave from the Museum lobby at 6:45 p.m. All tickets for this incredible event must be purchased by 6:45pm on July 26th at the latest – no late entries will be admitted. Come early and experience DJ Olive’s installation in Gallery B Listening to Fir prior to the performance.




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