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Day passes now available for Cedar Street Commuter Parking

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July 11th, 2018

Working in the downtown core and looking for place to park all day?

The City of Nelson is offering a new payment option for the all-day commuter parking meters located on the 300 block of Cedar Street, between Vernon and Front Streets, near the Curling Club building.

There are 21 commuter spaces available which drivers can purchase a $5 per pass and they can be pre-purchased in bulk instead of the alternative to having $5 in coin available to use at the parking meter.

“The driver writes the licence plate and current date on the pass once parked at one of the commuter parking stalls and then places it on the dashboard,” the City of Nelson media release said. “The ability to fill in the date allows the driver to use the pass spontaneously. Passes purchased this year are valid until the end of 2018. Having a small stack of pre-purchased passes is more convenient for commuters than having $5 in coin.”

The City said the commuter parking area provides an alternative to conventional monthly permits and provides flexibility in finding single-day parking.

“In the City’s 2016 survey of downtown employees, it was found that many employees commute only once or twice a week by personal vehicle,” the release said. “By offering pay-by-the-day parking, the City aims to encourage multi-modal commuting such as walking, biking, and transit on the days that it is practical with the option for single-day parking when needed.”

All-day commuter parking meters were approved by Council in January 2018 at a flat rate of $5 per day, which is the same daily parking rate at the downtown parkade. Council hopes to encourage drivers who need short-term parking (1-2 hours) to park downtown and free up the commuter stalls on Cedar Street for those needing day-long parking.


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