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Cycling Without Age has arrived in Nelson

By Contributor
June 15th, 2018

Cycling Without Age is offering free trishaw rides to people with reduced mobility within our community. The trishaw is a power assisted 3 wheeled bicycle with a front bench that can accommodate one or two passengers. The rides will allow passengers to feel the wind in their hair again.

Our goal is that these rides will connect our pilots with isolated people within the community. We hope the five guiding principles of the organization; Slow Cycling, Generosity, Storytelling, Relationships and Without Age will allow a special connection to form between the pilot and rider.

We are the 14th active chapter in Canada!  This worldwide phenomenon began in Copenhagen in 2012 and there are currently over 1000 chapters in 37 countries! 

If you would like to schedule a ride please contact Wendy Baker Konkin at 250-354-5245.

We are currently recruiting volunteers who would like to be pilots. If you are interested please visit our facebook page and click on jobs, or email

Photo Caption: Gordon Fleming was the first official rider, with Wendy Baker Konkin and driver Bob Schmitz. — Submitted photo

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